Oh I wish my people know, and Understand message by Shaikh Abu Muhammed Al Maqdisi

​“I wish my people knew”

It is clear apostasy if one plots against the Islamic project which the Mujahideen are striving for, by handing over maps which show their locations to the secularist Kuffar or to the apostates or to Russia or to America, to destroy their Jihad and their Islamic project in order to facilitate the funders’ projects that establish the Taghut. And it is a betrayal towards Allah, His messenger   (PBHM) , and to the believers, and to the sacrifice of the Mujahideen and the martyrs.
The Muwahhid who knows his Tawheed will never doubt that.
Going to negotiations under the supervision of the Kuffar infidels who are at war with us and with our religion, and being pleased with their outcomes that are Kufr like a democratic state, as well as conspiring against the Mujahideen who are not pleased with them, is a clear act of Kufr even if it is made to appear pleasing by those who water down the religious principles, or justified by the religious clerics of the Murjia claiming to have made “Ijtihad” (an attempt to understand the Islamic verdict on a matter)..!
 There is no “Ijtihad” that can invalidate the textual evidence of Tawheed that makes it necessary to reject the Tawagheet and to dissociate oneself from their Kaafir systems, in addition to not supporting them against the Muslims.

 We have repeatedly warned the people against the plots of those who water down the religious principles and their religious clerics, and against the filth of Murjia and their scholars, and we said that they are striving to implement the funders’ projects that establish the Taghut. We have also warned against the consequences of aid and the harm caused by the funders and by those funded, because the Tawagheet and their regimes are not charity organizations! So those who water down the religious principles, the ignorant, and the fools, turned against us. But now some of those who turned against us and became angry for what we said, are crying and saying like what we previously stated!

It is not Fiqh or wisdom to recognize a Fitnah when it occurs or when it ends. But rather Fiqh is to warn against it and to have the insight to foresee it while it is approaching (before it reaches). So looking at the outcomes, and having insight into the people’s condition, and recognizing them (by their hidden trait) from the tone of their speech is necessary for the one seeking the truth, let alone the scholar whose Fatwas are followed by the people.

 Oh I wish my people know, and understand.


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